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Web facility design, Online Revenue Generation, Internet hosting and colocation, Netcast streaming services, Network Solutions, Groupware and database solutions, Android and iOS applcation creation, Java and Objective C programming, Secure Socet Layer Certificates.

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We have producted a number of insteresting concepts and ideas with our clients. We also have a number of unuque solutions which exist. Check out what we have been working on in the past.

RADR - connecting dj's with the audiance with live playlists and chart tracks direct to social media.

Complete solution provider for a number of programming languages including Java, iOS, Objective C, C++, PHP, Shell, HTML, javascript, jquery.

Ituwitter - iTunes to Twitter connector for OS X


This is freeware software which is in beta. Milage may vary. Please read the Instructions before installing.


c4 begain as a small collective of like minded individuals who were interested in technology. We began in small ways to push the envelope of what is possible with the Internet even before most people even knew what the Internet was. This began all in 1995 with starting up a service provider for dialup internet connectivity in the small city of Windsor.

Over a number of years the key visionaries have reached out and started their own projects, some including website application CMS system, online Artists booking systems, Livestream production, DJ tools for social media, interactive iOS live entertainment platforms, Network and System admiistation, wireless technology. The expansion of new ideas just increases the reach and knowledge of the group.

Some of the more interesting project also can be traced to the music industry, specifically electronic music which is open to new ideas and concepts of technology. There has been a movement of artist who bring technology into performances to interact with the audiance live in the venue or to include those outside the venue.

In 2008 we create an interactive experience with M-nus for the Contakt tour, which involved user interaction via RFID membership cards, SMS and geotagging. We created a unque in-venue experience for those with smart phones which included chat interaction, downloadble files and live video stream. We also brougt a multiple camera livestream production for the last event.

In 2009 we released TwitterDJ (now know as RADR) which allowed DJ's using NI Traktor or Serato to live tweet the tracks being played automatticly during the set with no user interaction. Since then this project has grown into a playlist tracking and archiving system.

In 2010 we were back producing live event interaction with the Plasktiman live show, which brought the level of interaction for a live performance to a new level. This directly linked an artist to the audience with the use of technology. There was a whole system build around inter action which was included in an iPhone app for the live events. Along with in venue experiences we expanded to those outside the venue with real-time tie-in's and live audio/video stream.

2012 and 2013 were the years of live streams. We produced over 200hrs of live events and streams. In 2012 we began with a live stream from Ibiza ENTER. events, doing only 2 to 3 hour guest stream each week. By the end of the year we produced a 2 event per day live stream from a Bus tour in Canada and USA, doing 18 days of shows in 21 days. We would produce close to 6 hrs of content a day, including a talk show format with guests inside the Tourbus. By 2013 for the ENTER. Ibiza events, we were producting 10hrs of content, streaming from 2 different rooms each night. We would run a 3 to 5 camera setup for each room.


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